Biomolecules and biomaterials Carla Molteni (King’s College)
Electrochemistry, fuel cells and batteries Michiel Sprik (Cambridge)
Electronic and thermal transport Nicola Marzari (Oxford)
First-principles spectroscopy Rex Godby (York)
High-performance computing and large scale simulations Mike Payne (Cambridge)
Interoperability and data standards Emilio Artacho (Cambridge)
Magnetic materials and spintronics Julie Staunton (Warwick)
Materials design and high-throughput calculations Chris Pickard (UCL)
Materials under extreme conditions Mike Gillan (UCL)
Multiscale and mesoscale modelling Mike Finnis (Imperial)
Nanomaterials and nanodevices tba
Nuclear materials Leon Petit (Daresbury)
Photovoltaics and solar energy materials Feliciano Giustino (Oxford)
Quantum Monte Carlo Richard Needs (Cambridge)
Strongly correlared materials tba
Superconducting materials James Annett (Bristol)