Computational Electronic Structure of Condensed Matter

CCP9 is the Collaborative Computational Project for the Study of the Electronic Structure of Condensed Matter.

CCP9 provides a network which connects UK research groups in electronic structure, facilitates UK participation in the larger European Psi-k Network and supports a number of cutting edge computational codes. The chairman of CCP9 is Prof. Stewart Clark, University of Durham.

CCP9 Conference & Community meeting 2024

The CCP9 Conference & Community Meeting will be taking place 19-22 March 2024 at the Mercure Chester Abbotts Well Hotel in Chester, UK. For more information and registration click here

Latest news

Psi-k highlight 157

The April Psi-k highlight entitled "GPAW: An open Python package for electronic-structure calculations" by Jens Jørgen Mortensen et ... Read more

Call for Psi-k outline funding proposals 2024-25

The call for outline funding proposals for events taking place in 2024-25 is now OPEN The ... Read more

CECAM Call for proposals 2024/25

The deadline for submitting a proposal is 16th of July 2023. Additional information can be found at Please feel ... Read more

Forthcoming events

Progress in Ensemble Density Functional Theory: Opportunities and Challenges

Event date - July 22, 2024

Event time - 12:00 am

Durham University, 22nd - 25th of July, 2024 This workshop will discuss extensions of DFT which deal with mixed states; i.e., ensembles. Just to mention some examples, ensemble emerges as we set to investigate open shell states; neutral and ... Read more

7th Energy Materials workshop

Event date - July 24, 2024

Event time - 10:00 am

The 7th Energy Materials workshop of the Thomas Young Centre will take place in London from July 24-26, 2024. It will focus on the journey from data to discovery of new energy materials and will bring together the theoretical and experimental ... Read more

2024 European School on Magnetism

Event date - August 27, 2024

Event time - 10:00 am

ESM 2024 will be held from 27 August to 6 September 2024, in mixed format, both onsite in York, UK, and online. The topic is Magnetism for energy-efficient devices. Activities consist of lectures (40h), question sessions, practicals and ... Read more

Recent CCP9 Flagships

“Quasiparticle Self Consistent GW (QSGW) for next generation electronic structure”, PI Mark van Schilfgaarde (King’s College London)

“Excitations in Complex Environments: Multiphysics embedding for large scale electronic structure”, PI Nick Hine (University of Warwick)

Recent Papers from the CCP9 community

J. Barker, D. Pashov, and J. Jackson , Electronic structure and finite temperature magnetism of yttrium iron garnet.

Electronic Structure, 2, 044002 (2020)

Edward B. Linscott, Daniel J. Cole, Nicholas D. M. Hine, Michael C. Payne, and Cedric Weber, ONETEP + TOSCAM: uniting dynamical mean field theory and linear-scaling density functional theory.

Chem. Theory Comput. 2020  /  arXiv:1911.07752

F. Giustino, Electron-phonon interactions from first principles.

Rev. Mod. Phys. 89, 015003 (2017)













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