Members of the CCP community can apply for funding workshops and visits. If interested, please send an e-mail to with a short description of the event/visit you would like to arrange. The working group will decide on whether funding will be made available. Funding can be requested in connection with:

Hands-On courses

Hands-On courses offer a more specialized training in the use of a given CCP9 community code or electronic structure methodology. At the end of such a Hands-On course, the participants will be able to independently set up and run calculations and understand the results of these runs.

Scientific Workshops

CCP9 funds or co-funds scientific workshops focusing on particular aspects of electronic structure related research.

Industrial outreach and widening participation

Activities are funded that are aimed at extending the range of influence of CCP9 members and setting up new contacts in other academic communities, in particular to experiment, industry and potential commercial users of CCP9 codes and methods.

Travel support for encouraging contacts to industry


Visiting professor program

Your international speaker might qualify for this support if he stays on for collaboration/talks.