zoom link for all the talks: https://ukri.zoom.us/j/92679165297

  • update: 27 April 2023, please note that departure time of coach from Chester has been changed from 8:30 to 8:50.  
Monday 15 May        
8:50 Coach to Daresbury    (For those booked to arrive on Sunday)  
10:00 Registration    (At main laboratory reception)  
12:00 Lunch      
13:00 Introduction Jerome Jackson   STFC Daresbury Laboratory
13:10 Talk Jonathan Yates Wannier90: Evolution to a community code University of Oxford
13:30 Talk Barry G. Searle Introduction to the new Wannier90 library STFC Daresbury Laboratory
14:10 Break      
14:30 Lightning talks      
15:30 Discussion/Coding      
17:30 Coach to Chester      
 Tuesday 16 May        
8:50 Coach to Daresbury      
9:30 Talk Antimo Marrazzo Single-point and local Z2 topological invariants for non-crystalline materials University of Trieste
10:10 Talk Álvaro R. Puente-Uriona Calculation and implementation of photocurrents in WANNIER90 Universidad del País Vasco
10:40 Break      
11:00 Lightning talks      
12:00 Lunch      
13:00 Discussion/Coding      
17:30 Coach to Chester      
 Wednesday 17 May        
8:50 Coach to Daresbury      
9:30 Talk Michael Schüler Ultrafast dynamics and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy from Wannier functions Paul Scherrer Institute
10:10 Talk Line Jelver Wannier functions for extreme nonlinear optical response calculations University of Southern Denmark
10:40 Break      
11:00 Talk Junfeng Qiao Automated Wannierization for entangled and isolated manifolds EPFL
11:30 Talk Sebastian Tillack (Partially) Automatized Wannier Functions from Improved Optimized Projection Functions Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
12:00 Lunch      
13:00 Group excursion      
19:30 Conference dinner      
 Thursday 18 May        
8:50 Coach to Daresbury      
9:30 Talk Bo Peng Non-Abelian braiding of phonons from first principles University of Cambridge
10:00 Talk Xu He Construction and usage of Lattice Wannier function with ease University of Liege
10:30 Break      
11:00 Talk Alexander Hampel Realistic material modeling utilizing the TRIQS software library Flatiron Institute, CCQ
11:30 Talk Sophie Beck An automatic, high-order, adaptive algorithm for Brillouin zone integration Flatiron Institute, CCQ
12:00 Lunch      
13:00 Talk (virtual) Lorenzo Van Muñoz High-order adaptive Brillouin zone integration for optical conductivity Massachusetts Institute of Technology
13:30 Talk (virtual) Kangbo Li An unambiguous and robust formulation for Wannier localization Cornell University
13:30 Discussion/Coding      
15:00 Small group discussion about Cmake      
17:30 Coach to Chester      
 Friday 19 May        
8:50 Coach to Daresbury      
9:30 Talk Xu He TB2J: a python package for computing magnetic interaction parameters from first principles. University of Liege
10:00 Talk TBA    
10:30 Break      
11:00 Summary statements      
11:45 Closing statement Arash Mostofi    
12:00 Lunch      

Organisers: Arash Mostofi (Imperial), Jae-Mo Lihm (Seoul), Jennifer Coulter (Harvard), Jerome Jackson (STFC), Jonathan Yates (Oxford), Sophie Beck (Flatiron Institute)

We are grateful for sponsorship as a CECAM Flagship event and from the UK’s CCP9 project.