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CCP9 Young Researchers Event and Community Meeting 2018

We will hold the next CCP9 Young Researchers Event and Community Meeting on 18-19 July 2018 at the Park Inn Hotel, York, which is conveniently located near the York Railway Station. The Young Researchers Event will take place on 18 July and the main Community Meeting will be on 19 July. This is a Community Meeting – not a Conference – and our primary aim is to strengthen links between UK researchers working in the field of electronic structure, as well as introduce the new CCP9 Chair, Professor Stewart Clark.

To register please visit: https://

We will focus on ongoing CCP9 activities, younger members of our community and future strategy for our CCP. In particular we will: Receive updates on CCP9 Flagship Projects, past, present and future. Have both technical presentations and application talks from a number of recently appointed Academic Staff and Fellows. At the Young Researcher Event, focus on issues which we hope are of particular interest to PhD students, Postdocs and Fellows, and have presentations (posters and short talks) from them. Discuss various strategic issues

The key aims of the CCP9 Young Researchers event are to: Facilitate the growth of the Young Researchers CCP9 community. Provide an introduction to the various research areas of CCP9. Offer networking opportunities to build support for research and onward career development. Receive young researchers’’ input into the CCP9 group.

Please note that the registration deadline is Wednesday 11 July 2018 at noon . Numbers are limited, so please register soon.

July 18, 2018

12:00 pm