CCP5/CCP9 workshop – Simulation and modelling of nuclear materials

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CCP5/CCP9 workshop – Simulation and modelling of nuclear materials

CCP5/CCP9 workshop – Simulation and modelling of nuclear materials Dates of Event: 4th June 2018 – 5th June 2018 (Last Booking Date for this Event is 21st May 2018)

Description There is a significant renewed interest in nuclear power because of the need to address the problem of continued growth in energy demands whilst addressing the problem of climate change associated with the burning of fossil fuels. Not only is there a requirement to develop new more efficient nuclear power stations, but the current crop of fission nuclear reactors are seeing their operation extended beyond their original 40 years lifetime. Computer simulations are ideally suited to focus research on the materials able to withstand the extreme operating conditions associated with nuclear reactors and to understand implications on the ageing of these materials.

This workshop is conjointly organized by the collaborative computational projects CCP5 (condensed phase simulation) and CCP9 (electronic structure). The subject matter of this workshop is to provide an overview of different modelling methodologies at different scales in the nuclear field, ranging from atomistic modelling and molecular dynamics to computational fluid dynamics and neutronics. The workshop will highlight recent advances in the different domains with presentations by a broad range of experts, and will feature discussions and exchange on how to bridge the different capabilities as well as investigate potential areas of cooperation. The meeting will include invited plenary talks, discussions, contributed talks and a poster session for strengthening networking opportunities.

Invited speakers include: Blas Uberuaga (LANL) Andrew Duff (Daresbury Laboratory, STFC) Michel Freyss (CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette, France) Marc Labiche (STFC Daresbury Laboratory) Gregory Glover (STFC Daresbury Laboratory) Samuel Murphy (Lancaster University) Mikhail Laurentiev (Culham Centre for Fusion Energy)

Registration The cost of the event is £30 to cover coffee/tea and lunch. There is an additional, and optional, charge of £40 for the conference meal at Lido (Bristol) on the 4th June. Registration can be found using the following link:

NOTE Accommodation is not provided, however there is a list of recommended hotels on the more info tab. Location of event School of Chemistry, University of Bristol.

June 4, 2018

12:00 pm